BeReal: the social network of authenticity - Interview with Anne-Linda Camerini

Institutional Communication Service

It is called BeReal, and it is a social network that promotes authenticity. We present the interview with Anne-Linda Camerini, a researcher at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), published in the weekly magazine Azione.

It has been described as the 'anti-instagram' and aims to promote authenticity. Its name is BeReal, and it seeks to capture moments in real-time without filters, editing or other gimmicks to alter the original shot. The front and rear cameras take the image simultaneously, so users cannot lie about where they are. A social that gives glimpses of everyday life. The weekly magazine Azione explored the topic in depth with Dr Anne-Linda Camerini, lecturer and researcher at the Instiute of Public Health and at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of USI.


The full article is available here (Italian only)