IPH teaching activities


IPH is committed to making a concrete, substantial, tangible and decisive contribution to promoting the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and its use for the sustainable development of society. To achieve this goal, it is essential to offer USI matriculated students in-depth courses in the various areas that the Institute deals with, contributing to the growth of future health professionals.

In fact, the Institute offers several courses within a number of curricula that you can discover below.


SSPH+ Summer School

At the SSPH+ Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics, and Management in Lugano, practitioners, researchers, and graduate students come together from all over the world for a unique learning experience focused on public health impact.

We hope you will join us for another year of mutual learning for change.

SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus courses

Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper

Writing and publishing a scientific paper is an NIH-based practical course on scientific writing in biomedical disciplines, with a focus on - but not limited to - public health and epidemiology. The course consists in theory and practice of crafting a manuscript through a supervised group work throughout its duration.

The main goal is to equip PhD students with a robust and structured method to conceive, plan, write, submit, revise, and publish peerreviewed scientific articles.


Study and research enable science to continue to make new discoveries. For this reason, IPH considers doctoral training a focal point for scientific research in the world of public health and offers a Doctor of Public Health program.

The Institute makes its professors and researchers available to support students' academic growth, including through the opportunity to take an active part in research projects on a national and global scale.

Developing skills in analysis, data collection and management are just some of the program's focuses.

The IPH addresses public health across the board: epidemiology, population aging, the relationship between the market and health, health communication, etc. This allows the doctoral student to delve deeper and contribute to research in the topic that is most of his or her interest.

The Doctorate in Public Health is organized in accordance with the doctoral regulations of the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society and the Faculty of economics. 

For information on admission and regulations, please see following links:

Executive Master


Net-MEGS is a work-compatible advanced training program aimed at professionals active in the health and socio-health care field and young graduates from various faculties who are talented and have a keen interest in pursuing a management career in these fields. For the latter, paid internship positions are offered at institutions operating in the health and socio-health context in Italian-speaking Switzerland.


The IPH collaborates with a number of master's programs at the University of Lugano. Below is a list of the master's programs it collaborates with:

Master of Science in Digital Fashion Communication (MDFC)

Master of Science in Economics (ME)

Master of Science in Economics in Economia e Politiche Internazionali (MEPIN)