IPH Research


Epidemiology, aging of the population, the relationship between the market and health, health communication: these and others are the fields in which IPH conducts research with projects that span disciplines, addressing the issue of health in a comprehensive way and seeking new solutions and new horizons to contribute to the well-being of society.

Scientific research aims to answer the questions our society is asking around the issues most relevant to our evolution and to an improved quality of life.

IPH aims to contribute in a concrete, substantial, tangible and decisive way to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and its use for the sustainable development of society through the harmonization of economic growth with social inclusion and environmental protection.

In order to fulfill this mission, research projects are one of the backbone pillars of the Institute. By taking a close look at our society, it is possible to understand its trends, the causes of certain factors and find solutions to problems that are found in the health sector.

Research at IPH focuses on local, national and global population studies.

Projects and publications

List of the ongoing and concluded projects, and list of the scientific publications of the Institute of Public Health:

Research projects

Scientific publications