iSupport Swiss at Forum Alzheimer 2023

iSupport swiss al Forum Alzheimer 2023
iSupport swiss al Forum Alzheimer 2023

Institute of Public Health

iSupport team of the IPH attended the Alzheimer's Forum 2023 held on April 20, 2023, at the Congress Palace in Lugano, to introduce iSupport Swiss to the socio-sanitary-assistance operators present. iSupport is a training program for caregivers of people with dementia, available in digital format as a web and app for the App Store and Google Store and soon available in a paper manual version. All versions have been produced in the three official languages: Italian, French, and German.

The iSupport training program was devised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and adapted and implemented by the Institute of Public Health (IPH) and eLearning Lab of the University of Italian Switzerland. The Canton Ticino (DSS) Department of Health and Sociality, Pro Senectute, and Alzheimer Ticino, with collaboration from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Swiss Italian Professional University School (SUPSI), also contributed to this initiative.

The participation of other actors who deal with dementia, including caregivers, healthcare workers, domestic employees, university training managers, local Alzheimer's associations, home care services, and institutional representatives, enabled the realization of the program. During the Alzheimer's Forum, which focused on "the meaning of the senses in care," numerous interlocutors from these professional categories expressed their interest in iSupport and ProiSupport, the guide dedicated to socio-sanitary-assistance operators who accompany caregivers in using iSupport Swiss. Pro iSupport is an additional source of support and understanding of the context of care and assistance for people with dementia.

iSupport is free and can be accessed in Italian, French, and German through the following links: (Italian), (French), (German).

Additionally, mobile phone applications are available here:



For further inquiries about iSupport and Pro iSupport, you can reach them at [email protected].