Critical health literacy in secondary schools: a pilot study in Ticino

The coronavirus pandemic has been accompanied by the dissemination of an enormous amount of information, the so-called "infodemic" (WHO 2020), with an often unverifiable foundation and fostered by the expansion of digitization. Such a spread of information may be associated with an increase in risky behaviors in the area of health. COVID-19 simply highlighted the major problem, pre-existing to the pandemic wave, of mis-dis information, that is, the unintentional or intentional dissemination of false information. Given this background, the active role of the individual and his or her ability to evaluate information become issues of paramount importance in today's health landscape. For this, the role of critical health literacy (CHL), "that is, the ability to critically analyze health-related information from a wide range of sources," is crucial. The goal of this project revolves around improving CHL in Ticino's secondary schools by testing the feasibility of introducing an educational curriculum into the curriculum.



Fiordelli Maddalena

Farina Ramona


Diviani Nicola

Rubinelli Sara


01.08.2021 - 30.03.2022