IN-PHASE – Inter-university pre-grad PH Master for the SSPH+


The IN-PHASE project addresses the growing demand for education and training in public health (PH) in Switzerland, particularly at the pre-graduate level, driven by heightened interest during the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaborative initiative involves five Swiss academic institutions—UNIBAS, UZH, UNIGE, UNILU, and USI—all SSPH+ partners. 

The project aims to enhance and harmonize PH education and bridge existing gaps by creating exchange options for Master students across Swiss academic institutions. Currently, there are no formal links between existing Swiss Master programs, limiting student exchanges and collaborative opportunities. 

This project stands as a significant step toward meeting the demand for a well-rounded and collaborative public health education in Switzerland. 

The methodology involves the collaborative design and execution of four workshops with key representatives from partner institutions, focusing on distinct thematic goals.



01.11.2023 - 30.04.2024