Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS)


National platform in the field of health system and health services research, the Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS) fosters the dialogue between the various actors in the Swiss health system and aims to facilitate the flow of information at the level of policy, research and practice. This enables the development and continuous integration of evidence-informed solutions to challenges in the health system. It seeks to link all stakeholders - patients, providers, insurers, researchers and policy-makers. 

The SLHS bridges the gap between research, policy and practice. It promotes learning cycles in the Swiss health system, strengthens research capacity, and aims to provide information that can support learning cycles. Each partner institution of the SLHS is working on one or more specific topic that lead to Policy Briefs (PB) and Stakeholders Dialogues (SD). IPH already produced two PBs and two SDs and two additional output are ongoing.



01.01.2021 -  31.12.2024